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Begin with the Best – Dunlop Golf Clubs

 Begin with the Best – Dunlop Golf Clubs

Never played golf before? Why not give it a go with a Dunlop Starter Package Set?

If you’ve never played golf before but would like to get started for the summer read on for some tips to remember as you step onto the green for the first time. Do some research and find out the basics of golf before you even pick up a set of clubs, it’ll stand you in good stead with whoever is teaching you your first swings. For your first games you can hire a set of beginners clubs from the golf course but a starter package set of Dunlop Golf Clubs are a very reasonable price.

Safety First – Dunlop Golf Clubs

Safety is paramount on a golf course and here are some tips to make sure you don’t injure yourself or another player. Always shout “Fore!” if your ball is heading towards someone on the green to warn them, and never stand behind someone who is swinging a club. Remember to consider others on the course with you, don’t talk, or distract them when they take their own shots. Let the faster players go through before you and let those furthest from the green take their shot first. Keep your club trolley off the green, tees and bunkers to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the gold course.

Basic Rules of Play Dunlop Golf Clubs

Once you’ve had a few practise swings you need to learn the rules of the game. Basic rules to follow are:

  • Tee off between the markers – check that you know which one you should be using!
  • If you lose a ball beyond the boundaries of the green you must replay the ball from the last spot and add a point.
  • An unplayable ball is one that ends up in water like a river or pond. There are several rules and exceptions related to water hazards to learn as you progress in your game.
  • If your ball ends up in the rough you can move twigs, stones or leaves that are touching it but you must not move your ball.

A good golf instructor will help you learn the rules of the game while you practise your club technique. As soon as you decide that golf is a game that you want to pay regularly why not invest in your very own set of clubs? 

Striking and Dynamic – Dunlop Golf Clubs

MailOrderGolf have top quality and classic Dunlop Golf Club sets to order direct from our web site. We specialise in great quality golf equipment at affordable prices. Check out our men’s Dunlop Attack Golf Clubs set starter package for fantastic value. A 10 piece set with a lightweight stand bag and rain cover, you’ll get a driver, a 3 wood,  4, 6 & 8 irons, a pitching wedge and a putter, all in a smart Dunlop Gold Clubs bag. Order now to take advantage of our latest special offers – 48 Dunlop Golf Balls for free when you buy a set of Dunlop Clubs.


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