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Dunlop Golf Clubs – Reliability and Innovation

Dunlop Golf Clubs – Reliability and Innovation


With over a hundred years of manufacturing excellence behind them, golfers can rely on the quality of Dunlop golf clubs.


For guarantees of the highest standards of manufacture, Dunlop golf clubs are very hard to beat, thanks to the company’s 90-plus years of sporting excellence.


The company itself was founded in 1889 by John Boyd Dunlop as a rubber goods and tyre manufacturer. In 1985 Dunlop Holdings was bought out by British industrial conglomerate BTR plc and merged with the Slazenger sporting goods brand. This was sold on again in 1996 to Sports Direct International, but the combination of Dunlop’s world-class manufacturing methods and Slazenger’s top of the range sporting goods means that Dunlop golf clubs are still among the best that a player can buy on the open market.


Dunlop golf clubs are aimed at every sort of golfer, from the most casual to the most professional. The brand itself has an impressive pedigree when it comes to sporting champions of the 20th century – it boasts a greater number of Grand Slam winners than any of its rivals and some of the most famous names in the history of tennis have been committed to Dunlop, such as Steffi Graf, John McEnroe and Arnold Palmer.


In the field of golf, the Dunlop “65” golf ball was the ball of choice on courses throughout the world for an incredible 50 years and helped some great golfing names to victory. Dunlop golf clubs also help to provide the confidence that a player needs to ensure that they can perform to the best of their abilities.


A great gift for somebody just beginning their life as a golfer is the Dunlop Golf full starter set. This package contains one driver, plus three wood and utility clubs, which are made from graphite to minimise vibration and the subsequent strain on the hands and arms.  To make things easier for beginners, the irons are over sized and built with stainless steel shafts. 


Dunlop golf clubs incorporate a huge range of equipment for the highly experienced golfer as well as the beginner. A quick scan online will reveal the great variety that is available.




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Our lake balls are bought directly from the divers, rigorously checked in our own factory with a unique sorting method to ensure only the best are available.

Golf training aids and accessories are also directly sourced and we can give customers great deals on major brands, including Dunlop golf clubs.


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