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How to Clean Your Golf Balls

Cleaning your golf balls may seem like a mind-numbing task, but ensuring that they are clean will aid your performance.

Clean golf balls fly truer, faster and much further. So cleaning your golf balls is absolutely essential if you want to improve your golfing performance. All golf equipment requires a high level of maintenance if you want to be at the top of your game, and this means regular cleaning and polishing.

Golf balls withstand the powerful drive of the club, time after time, and endure all kinds of weather – so in return we need to give them the scrub down that they need. Perfectly formed and scientifically engineered, each and every golf ball has been designed with performance, speed and distance in mind. Some of the higher end golf balls have been created with several layers, with focused design and development from the core of the ball to the shell.

Golf balls may seem like very simple objects but they have been designed for smooth flying and streamline movement. To ensure that they work to their maximum potential, regular cleaning is required.

Cleaning Your Golf Balls

While the excitement of using a new set of golf balls is enough to keep a keen golfer smiling all day, the reality is that the costs really do add up. But the condition of your golf balls can have a positive or negative effect on your performance and the results of your game. Many golf courses will offer ball cleaning facilities, but regular and thorough cleaning is also required. Here are some ways you can clean your golf balls:

  • Dishwasher – many golfers add their golf balls to the dishwasher. Not only will this thoroughly clean your golf balls, but this is a great test for quality. If you have good quality golf balls from a reputable equipment manufacturer, they should not be damaged by dishwasher cleaning. Use the silverware basket to place golf balls in to ensure that they remain stable during the wash cycle.
  • Warm water and vinegar – if you want to tackle tough dirt, soaking golf balls in warm water is the best way. Add some white vinegar or a product containing Oxalic acid – this combined with the warm water will help to loosen the dirt.
  • Denture tablets – denture tablets are ideal for removing dirt from golf balls as they will bubble and foam once released into water.


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