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Improving Your Game

Here at Mail Order Golf we strive to help the golfing community improve various aspects of their game, whether it is through recommending products that may suit an individual’s game, to giving advice from the world’s best PGA Tour Pros on how to improve technique.

Below are 5 MUST HAVE products that we feel can help increase your golfing performance and enjoyment, as well as 5 techniques and tips that our PGA Tour Pros recommend is pivotal to the success of a good, consistant round.


5 Products Mail Order Golf recommend:


Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Regarded as the best ball in the market; brings a sense of increased all-round performance.Links Choice Driving Net

Srixon Z Star Golf Balls – Ideal for drives and chip shot practicing, with its artificial turf helping to create a realistic lie.

Taylormade Penta TP5 Golf Balls – A great addition to the PGA range; quick & easy to use.

Callaway HEX TOUR Black Golf Balls – Excellent choice of ball for improving greenside play and overall control.

Links Choice Driving & Chipping Net – Durable rope netting with reinforced target cover ideal for all kinds of driving shots & chipping shots.




Golf Grip

5 Basic Tips/Techniques as recommended by the PGA Tour Pros:

Be sure to warm up and stretch your muscles prior to playing, to prevent stiffness and the pulling of muscles.

Practice before you tee off on the range and putting greens, so consistancy is increased by the time you have your first tee shot.

Maintain a good posture, making sure your head and shoulders are alligned.

Test the main three golf grips (Baseball, Interlock & Overlap) to see which grip you feel most comfortable with.

A controlled swing with a smooth follow through results in a better outcome rather than attempting to hit the ball hard and far.

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