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Hit the Perfect Drive with the Right Golf Balls and these Golfing Tips

Hit the Perfect Drive with the Right Golf Balls and these Golfing Tips


Everyone is searching for the perfect drive, which has distance and direction and will leave you in the perfect position to push beyond your opponent. Here are a few tips on hitting the perfect drive.


It is very rare that a golfer is content with his or her game and there are nearly always areas where they can improve. The drive is often one of these areas and what an important one it is. If you can achieve the perfect drive you can get an invaluable head start over your opponents and improve your chances of sinking your golf balls under par. A bad drive however, could land you in a bunker, in some woods or even in a lake and give your fellow golfers an opportunity to gain a vital lead in the game. If you would like to improve your drive (and who doesn’t really?) then here are some tips that could really help.


Golf Balls at the Ready – Tips for the Perfect Drive


Get a Grip

The first thing to consider when trying to achieve the perfect drive is your grip. Forget the hole, the golf balls and everything else for now and get a grip. The overlap or Varden grip is arguably the best with two knuckles showing in the left hand, the V pointing to your right shoulder and the little finger of the right hand on the top of your left hand.

Be Prepared

The preparation for the drive is essential. Focus on a small target in the distance and step to the side and take a practice swing. Then line up your golf balls with your target and bring the club through smoothly but powerfully.

Follow Through

A good clean follow through is another essential element of the perfect drive and then hopefully you can watch your golf balls sailing straight down towards the flag.


The Importance of Quality Golf Balls


One final tip that is just as important is to invest in some good quality golf balls. The best golf balls from brands such as Titleist, Dunlop and Range have been carefully developed to fly straighter and further so they really can help you achieve the perfect drive.


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