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The Secret Life of Lake Golf Balls

The Secret Life of Lake Golf Balls

Many professional and amateur golfers rely on lake golf balls to maintain their stocks.

For a regular golfer, keeping hold of sufficient golf balls is a constant chore. Even the most careful player will lose golf balls in heavy rough and water features, and the costs of replacing these from brand new stocks can soon mount up.

Fortunately, the problem of balls being lost in play comes with its own neat solution – the phenomenon of lake golf balls. These are balls that have been dredged from lakes or ponds and cleaned to the highest standards ready for repackaging and resale at a heavy discount.

As well as the money saved by paying less than half the brand new price for golf balls, golfers can be confident that they are still getting quality equipment. Golf balls can remain submerged for up to three months without degrading and divers rescue lake balls every month or so. Furthermore, most of these balls will only have been hit once or twice before being sunk, so they are virtually unused, and thus virtually unharmed.

Reputable retailers of lake golf balls operate a strict quality-control system to ensure that the few damaged balls which are retrieved by divers are spotted and filtered out long before resale. The remainder is then sorted into different grades, depending on their quality, such as mint condition, or “Pearl”, superficial cosmetic scratches, or “Grade A”, minor surface damage, or “Grade B” and clear damage – known as “Grade C”. The latter are obviously by far the cheapest and perfect for driving practice.

The best companies buy their recycled golf balls direct from the divers in question with no middlemen involved. This keeps prices low and the process transparent. They are then washed to remove any traces of the lake they were found in and inspected for any signs of damage before being sorted into the above categories. They are then ready for resale.

With reputable lake ball sellers, golfers can be confident that they can maintain stocks of golf balls without breaking the bank!


We at MailOrderGolf are committed to providing our customers with the best quality golf equipment at the most competitive prices, as can be seen from our policy on golf balls.

Once bought directly from the divers, lake balls are rigorously checked in our own factory with a unique sorting method to ensure only the best are available. Retail price markets are checked, and rechecked daily so that our customers benefit from the lowest rates. Phone us on 0845 389 1707 or contact us via email at sales@mailordergolf.com

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