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Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist, the worlds number one golf ball manufacturer have a ball suitable for any type of golfer, from beginners or golfers with low swing speeds, to the best professionals in the game. Here is some information about each of their balls and their characteristics. Check out our full range of Titleist golf balls here.

Titleist DT SoLo

The DT Solo is for golfers with low swing speeds or those at beginner to intermediate skill level. This is a high-lift ball for the intermediate golfer who struggles to get their drives to fly. A great feeling, multi-tasking ball, the SoLo has fantastic all-round characteristics but is not exceptional at any one task.

Titleist NXT

The Titleist NXT family of balls can be seen as an upgrade from the SoLo and is for golfers of mid-range to high swing speeds and skill levels. It has been improved by reformulating the 1.550” core to provide increased speed with lower spin and softer feel. The NXT’s redesigned cover increases the ball speed and reduces spin from the driver resulting in an even longer golf ball that will maintain its short game spin and control.

Titleist Nxt Tour

A combination of a long, consistent ball flight (longer than the standard NXT) with high performance around the greens makes the Titleist NXT Tour the ball of choice for a mid-handicap amateur and a great choice for a wide range of club golfers.

Titleist NXT Extreme

One of the longest balls on the market for golfers with high swing speeds, which will also give great spin and control for amateur golfers. This combination comes from the ball’s soft compression and the high COR core hidden inside the centre of the ball.

Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist ProV1 golf ball is the most popular Tour level golf ball in the world and for good reason. An extremely long ball with fantastic short game spin makes this the Pro’s favourite ball year on year. The Pro V1 is both softer and more durable than the ProV1x and has drop-and-stop control and is a great choice of ball for any intermediate to advanced golfer but especially good for golfers with high swing speeds.

Titleist Pro V1x

Titleist’s longest golf ball with very low spin to suit stronger swing speeds. The Titleist ProV1x golf ball lacks a little in comparison to the Pro V1 with short game control but will appeal to a player who hits hard and has good greenside control.

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