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Why Golf Balls Matter

Why Golf Balls Matter


If you’re new to the sport, you’ll need to find out as much as you can about using the right golf balls.


Like many sports, it’s only when you start playing that you spot all the nuances and understand the reasons for certain rules or necessary equipment. Golf is one of those sports that seems so simple from the outside, but actually requires the practice and perfection of many variable techniques in order to be played successfully. A key part of a good game is using the right golf balls – it really does matter.


Choosing the Right Golf Balls


If you’re just starting out as a golfer, it’s always a good idea to get some advice from your golf instructor. He or she will know what sort of golf balls are best for the style of lessons you have and the type of golfer you are. You’ll need different golf balls for different things, and as you get better, you’ll be able to play with faster, lighter golf balls. To begin with, you might need:


  • Range balls – these are designed for use at golf ranges where you practice your driving skills. New range balls are likely to fly further than standard golf balls, but constant hitting can wear the dimples down, decreasing the flight distance. If you go to a driving range, they will supply you with balls, but you can also buy your own for whenever you want to practice.


  • Lake balls – these are balls that have bee reclaimed from golfing lakes and are in good enough condition to re-use. They are cheaper than brand new golf balls and are great for practice play or for recreational golfing.


  • Brand golf balls – well-known brands like Titleist and Wilson produce a wide range of golf balls for the amateur player, all with slightly different characteristics. You may want golf balls that allow you to get as much distance as possible with your tee shot, or balls that allow spin so that you can hit more accurately onto the green. That’s why it’s important to get the right advice.


All the Golf Balls you Need


At MailOrderGolf, we stock a large selection of lake balls and branded balls, giving you real choice when it comes to selecting the right equipment for your game. Whether you play off a low handicap and are looking for highly engineering gold balls, or you’re just starting out, we can help you to make the best of your game. Take a look and buy online today.

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