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What Are Lake Balls?

What Are Lake Balls?

What Are Lake Balls? We’ve all lost at least one ball to a pond or lake over the years, and some of us are more prone to these bad shots than others. Every now and again, divers will retrieve these golf balls from the depths of the waters, so that they can be recycled. By doing so, they keep the lakes of the course clean and allow these often great condition balls to be put back on the market at an affordable price.

What are lake balls?

When cleaned, tested, and sorted appropriately, lake balls are a fantastic alternative to new balls for golfers, offering world-famous products at a much lower cost. That’s where MailOrderGolf comes in – we buy direct from a trusted team of divers, and take extra care to ensure that they are graded and tested, before selling them on to our customers at prices that offer great value for money.

From respected brands at a fraction of the price such as Titleist lake balls to cheap lake balls designed for practice, we have a great range of products to choose from. When you buy lake balls online with us, you’ll not only get a fair price but great customer service and fast delivery to match.

Stock up on lake golf balls from MailOrderGolf today, by browsing our website to find a brand, model, and grade in the quantity you need. Order online or call us on 0845 389 1707 to speak to a helpful member of our team.

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