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Pro v1 vs Pro v1x

Titleist Pro V1 Latest Model Landscape

There are a couple major differences between the Pro V1 & Pro V1X golf balls made by Titleist Golf. At Mail Order Golf theres the common question our customers have about Titleist’s Pro V1 or Pro V1X ‘whats the difference?’ so hopefully this blog will help bring some clarity.

Firstly what do the two models have in common?

  • Its important to note that they are both premium priced golf balls with a MSRP of £51 for a new dozen balls.
  • New V1 & V1X models come out roughly every two years (note the visual differences between the years it the alingnment arrow – the 2015 model has a grey broken arrow).
  • Both balls are tour standard & are used by professional golfers around the globe. 
  • Ether ball you end up using will provide you with fantastic distance, enhanced short game control, a softer feel on the club face, long-lasting durability & simular stop qualities on the green.

Now ‘whats the difference?’

Differences Between Pro V1 & Pro V1X Golf Balls
Pro V1 Pro V1X 
1. Ideal for golfers with a swing speed between: 98-110 mph
2. 3 – Peice ball
3. 352 dimples
4. Softer feel.
5. More spin on the ball.
6. Lower penatrating flight path resulting in more ball roll travel.
1. Ideal for golfers with a swing speed between: 105 mph+
2. 4 – Peice ball
3. 328 dimples 
4. Harder feel (feels firmer off the club face).
5. Spins less which reduces any chance of the ball drifting out of line.
6. Higher trajectory thus giving more carry.

Still not sure which ball to choose? Try our Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1X mixed pack lake balls there 70% cheaper than buying them new & you can find out which ball is best for your golf game! 

Entry 31/05/2015 by Mail Order Golf

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