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PuttOUT Putting Mat

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The PuttOUT Putting Mat is designed to help golfers with their medium to short putts, and when partnered up with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer can help you with those nerve 4 footers.


The white markings on the mat are positioned perfectly to align not only your putter up with the target, but also help with your lower body alignment. They also provide markings every foot from 1-feet all the way up to 6-feet, giving you quick and easy distance measurements. There is a small circle positioned at the end of the mat which I think works great with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer but may need some imagination when using the mat on its own.

The speed of the mat would be similar to the tournament greens at your local golf club in summer, running around 10 on the stimp metre. I feel this is more than enough for the average golfer but may feel a little slow for the elite player or regular tour player. I found when putting on a hard flat surface the mat increased in speed to around 10.5 on the stimp, but when on a think fluffy carpet, it slowed down to around 9 on the stimp.

The mat also comes with a protective drawstring carry bag, making it easy to carry and store away. I found it simple to roll up and it took a little bit of fiddling to get back in the bag but was easy enough. One aspect I did like was how easier it rolled out flat with no creases onto almost any surface.


Overall, this is one of the better-putting mats I have used. Very well made can be set up almost anywhere, and looks like a quality product.

Size: Total size of the mat is 240 cm long and 50 cm wide.

Storage: Total size of the mat rolled up in the bag is 50 cm in height with a 16 cm diameter

Weight: Total weight of the mat is 2.25 kg.

Variations: The Mat is available in four different colours, including a green mat with white lines, a black mat with blue lines, a grey mat with white lines, and the NEW green mat with yellow lines (which looks very familiar to the Masters’ tournament colours).

Material: The mat is made from a 100% Nylon / TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber).

Tips and Drills

Short Putts: starting from 1-feet attempt to hit any target positioned in the small circle at the end of the mat. When successful move back to 2-feet and so on until you hit the target from the 6-feet marker. Decrease or increase the size of the target to make the drill easier or harder.

Pace Control: starting from 6-feet try to stop one golf ball inside the white circle at the end of the mat. Compete with a friend and take alternate putts to see who can get the ball in the circle first.


£69.99 www.amazon.co.uk

£69.99 www.mailordergolf.com

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  1. Patrick Daniels
    26 October 2020

    Nice article!

  2. dunn555
    28 October 2020

    Do you do customise puttout gates?

    • Charlie Beavers
      28 October 2020

      Unfortunately, the gates can not be customised, although PuttOUT does improve their design year on year.

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