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PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

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PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer

Continuing on their successes of three Golf Digest awards and two MyGolfSpy awards, PuttOUT Golf are introducing a longawaited two new products to their line — the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, and the Compact Putting Mirror.

In developing the new Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, the category-leading company based in Central London took inspiration from feedback ranging from first-hand customer requests, to world-renowned coaches (Me And My Golf, Mark Crossfield, Matt Lockey), all the way to players from the highest levels of the PGA TOUR, and has made modifications from four years of sales (over 400,000 units sold worldwide)

The first new development of the new Trainer is the addition of an alignment stick holder towards the top of the Trainer’s ramp. The new feature acts as a rubber grip for a soon-to-be-released Alignment Stick Set from PuttOUT, but can also be paired with the player’s existing alignment stick setup.

The inspiration came when noting one of the most commonly used putting drills outdoors, and wanting to allow for the player to do the same indoors — ‘The String Drill’ — where a length of string is elevated over the players intended putting line, but is replaced with a more sturdy alignment stick.

The additional feature is to ensure the PuttOUT range is growing, but also that all products have the ability to fit hand-in-hand with one another in a well-defined ecosystem of products.

The second improvement to the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer is the introduction of the three mid-way dot targets on the larger rubber circle target (the circle replicating a regulation golf hole). 

The smaller targets allow the player to focus in and use them either as another common target — especially for those who prefer to aim towards the back of the cup on putts (or place tee pegs in the back of the hole to aim towards) but  can also be used to allow the player to adjust to slight breaks of the putting surface in their practice. Knowing that grass putting greens are rarely flat, and a player’s floors at home are rarely perfectly level, this addition was wholly welcomed by testers.

The third notable update to the product is the replacement of the fold-down microtarget. The introduction of a new, supremely more visible ‘pop-down’ target instead, was based on feedback from players noting they would sometimes “lose the aiming point” from their standing position and eye angle when the micro-target was in the ‘open’ position. The decision to add a ever-present, more vibrant target to the ramp was deemed an essential upgrade.

“Piers [Ward] and Andy [Proudman] both love the new Premium designs — it looks and feels like a far superior product, and is a great indication of the level that the PuttOUT team are trying to take the brand. For a small team to produce such a vast range of supreme-quality and innovative tools truly speaks to their design capabilities, and the non-stop drive to be the leader in the training aids category.”

WEIGHT: 176g

DIMENSIONS (Unfolded): L: 202mm W: 155mm H: 110mm

BRAND WEBSITE: puttout.golf

SPECIFICATIONS, PRICING, AND AVAILABILITY: Available to purchase by clicking here, the Pressure Putt Trainer Premium will retail at £29.99 and comes in colours: Coral Red, Lime Green, Stone Grey, and Mint Blue.

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