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The Best Overall Rangefinder of 2021 According to The Independent

The Best Overall Rangefinder of 2021

The Easygreen OLED rangefinder is The Best Overall Rangefinder of 2021 as voted for by The Independant.

Over the last couple of months, The Independent and their team have tested several different rangefinders. Playing on various golf courses around the UK gaining valuable feedback on the pros and cons of each device. Overall, they decided that the Easygreen OLED rangefinder was the best for 2021.

Golf rangefinders come in many different forms but the main two are the laser rangefinders and the GPS watches. The laser differs slightly from the watch giving golfers precise distance to the flag or hazard, whilst being nice and compact on your bag. The laser rangefinders comprise of pointing at a certain target, instantly giving you the exact distance. This is perfect for players seeking the exact yardage and enabling them to select the correct club. Whether they hit the ball that distance is another story.

Described as superbly lightweight and the slope function being intuitive and easy to use, the OLED display offers best-in-class clarity.

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The Easygreen OLED rangefinder has a variety of different features which are briefly explained below as well as being the best overall rangefinder of 2021:

Crystal Clear OLED Display: The Vision Pro has a vibrant true OLED display, and it also incorporates high light transparent optics with a large 17mm diameter eyepiece. Perfect for giving you the needed clarity when viewing your target. 

Slope Compensation: Specialising in ‘Slope compensation technology’ that delivers compensated distance on uphill and downhill shots. Turn the feature off by simply pressing the button on the side of the device making it legal for tournament use.

OLED Brightness Scale: Pressing both buttons on the top of the rangefinder allows you to alter the brightness of the OLED red and green display. There are 5 different levels which make it easy to use whether you are playing early in the morning or finishing a round before it goes dark.

Other Features Include:

  • Compact Design: Unit measures 6.5 x 3.5 x 1cm weighing 145 grams without battery
  • Pin Tracking Vibration: Change the mode to pin hunter to lock on targets with a vibration alert.
  • 6 x Magnification: Target the flag up to 275 yards to within 1-yard accuracy
  • 1PX4 Water resistant: IPX4 Splash-proof rated, meaning it is suitable to use in light rain
The Best Overall Rangefinder of 2021

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