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Best Golf Balls for Beginners

If you’re a beginner in the game of golf, you might be wondering what type of golf ball to use. Golf balls come in different types and designs, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Moreover, higher-priced golf balls offer better performance, but losing them can be costly. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a golf ball that gives you feel and control without costing too much. In this article, we’ll share some of the best golf balls for beginners that are both affordable and offer great performance.
Tour Response is one of the best golf balls for beginners. It’s designed to offer tour performance without the tour price tag. Tour Response features a urethane cover, which is the industry standard for tour balls. The urethane cover provides more spin and control around the greens. Tour Response is also designed to reduce side spin and provide a straighter flight path.
The Vice Drive is another excellent golf ball for beginners. It’s designed to be durable and virtually indestructible, thanks to its DuPont Surlyn outer cover. The plastic material blend is precisely calibrated to withstand heavy hitting loads, making it the perfect ball for beginners. The Vice Drive also has a unique structure of symmetrical dimples that provide perfect buoyancy for the golf ball. The ball’s strategically placed dimple depth ensures an extended roll phase and, as a result, an ideal drive length after landing.
Titleist Tour Soft is engineered to provide golfers with better performance for their game. It features the largest core that Titleist has ever produced, making it faster and longer off the tee. The larger core dimensions require the high-performance 4CE grafted cover to be thinner, increasing short game spin around the green. The Titleist Tour Soft offers a soft feel, making it perfect for beginners who want a ball that feels great and offers excellent performance.
The Bridgestone Tour B RXS is meticulously designed for golfers who are looking to find their edge. It features Gradational Core construction that amplifies distance through higher initial ball speeds and lower side spin. The proprietary urethane SlipRes Cover formulation equipped with Dual Dimple and Seamless Cover technologies sets a new standard for feel, control, accuracy, and performance. Although it’s a bit pricier than other balls on this list, it’s worth it for the performance it provides.

Which Golf Ball for Beginners Should You Buy?

If you’re a beginner, you should look for a golf ball that offers great value, high energy, and good feel without less spin. As you continue to develop as a player, don’t be afraid to experiment with different ball types and price groups to see how they differ for you on the course. Understanding the differences in ball designs and the benefits that can be gained by playing the same ball every single round is crucial for your game. Be sure to check out our other reviews and buying guides to see what equipment is best for your game.

Choosing the best golf ball for beginners can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to find a ball that offers great performance without breaking the bank. Tour Response by Taylormade, Vice Drive, Titleist Tour Soft, and Bridgestone Tour B RXS are some of the best golf balls for beginners. Remember to consider the price, feel, and performance of the ball before making your final decision. Happy golfing!

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