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How to Choose the Perfect Coloured Golf Ball for Your Game This Autumn

Coloured Golf Balls

Autumn golf is a unique experience, isn’t it? Chilly winds, scattered leaves, and most of the time – the showers of rain that threaten to ruin your round. But along with the magic of Autumn comes the challenge of spotting your elusive coloured golf ball. Been there, lost that.

Fear not! With a little splash of colour, you can turn the tables in your favour. Let’s dive into the world of coloured golf balls.

Why Coloured Golf Balls Are a Game-Changer

During every Autumn round, I see way too many golfers making the same mistake of teeing up their white golf ball, hitting it straight down the fairway – then going into their bag two minutes later because they can’t find it. The right coloured golf ball can save you time and money.

A Palette of Autumn-Friendly Coloured Golf Balls

Classic White

The Traditionalist’s Pick: Sure, it’s the classic choice, but in the autumnal leaves and damp turf, your white ball might just go incognito.

Sunny Yellow

My Personal Autumn Fave: Yellow coloured golf balls are like that pop of sunshine on a cloudy day. They’re easy to spot and radiate positive vibes. There’s a reason I have a stash of these at home.

Oranges and Pinks

For Those Who Like It Bright: These coloured golf balls are not just attention-grabbing; they’re lifesavers on an Autumn course. An orange or pink ball contrasts beautifully against the green and white, making it a brilliant pick.

Metallic and Neon Hues

For the Trendsetters: Not only do these shades make a statement, but the sheen from metallics or the glow from neon coloured golf balls can be surprisingly effective on overcast days. Plus, they look super cool.

Beyond the Colours: Other Factors to Mull Over Autumn’s Many Faces

Every autumn day isn’t the same. Rain, fog, overcast, or the rare sunny day—choose your coloured golf ball based on the day’s conditions. It’s a bit like dressing up; you wouldn’t wear shorts and flip-flops in the snow, right?

It’s All in the Eyes

Remember, it’s all about what you can see. While neon green might stand out for your friend, a fiery orange might be more up your alley. Trust your eyes.

Performance Isn’t Colour-Dependent

Here’s a fun fact: The colour of your golf ball doesn’t influence its performance. If you play Callaway Supersoft’s during the summer, then play Callaway Supersoft Optics during the Autumn. There are plenty of coloured golf balls available for you to choose from which will help you find your ball.

Sprinkle of Autumn Golfing Wisdom

The right gear can make a world of difference. Layer up, but ensure you can swing freely. There’s no point being warm if you’re swinging like the Tin Man.

Choose Your Clubs Wisely

Your clubs are your allies. In Autumn, when it’s a lot colder than Summer, the ball doesn’t travel as far, so you might need to adjust your club selection.

The Ball’s in Your Court

Choosing the right coloured golf ball for Autumn isn’t rocket science, but it sure can enhance your game. Remember, it’s about making the game enjoyable for you.

Browse our range of coloured golf balls, including some of our most popular choices, below. These go quick in Autumn, so buy in bulk and save more money on your lake balls.

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