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  • £5.99
    • The ZFXtreme features Zero Friction’s patented 4-prong design.
    • The 4-prong design allows for 66-Percent less tee coverage on the ball, creating longer straighter drives.
    • It’s easier to place the ball on the ZFXtreme due to the added stability of the four-prong design, which rates the furthest in total distance and carries distance of any tee on the market today.
    • Every package comes with a bonus Zero Friction item.
    • Place the prongs outward of the target for optimum performance
  • £15.99
    • Ideal for improving chipping and putting
    • Ergonomically-shaped handle
    • Iron weight and pre-shaped shaft to improve the swing
    • Different weights for flexible training options
    • Only right

    Steel weighted and pre-bent shaft to improve your swing

    Suitable for right-handed golfers only

  • £2.99
    • Golf ball alignment tool
    • Putter squareness line
    • Helps you make your own mark to identify your golf ball
    • The marks also help you find a better angle and achieve your goals
    • Easy way to draw lines to check your alignment for swing or putting
  • £12.99
    • Ideal tool to help you develop a smooth golf swing
    • Improves your timing for better accuracy and greater distance
    • For right and left-handed golfers
    • Ideal for putting and driving
  • £14.99
    • Comes with two fiberglass rods measured 5/16 inch (diameter) x 46 inch
    • Protective storage tube for easy rod storage
    • The point on one end to allow placement in ground other end has a protective cap
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Practice golf using the Pro’s instructional guide included
  • £7.99
    • 60 x red tees: 31mm
    • 60 x blue tees: 37mm
    • 50 x yellow tees: 43mm
    • 10 x white tees: 50mm
    • 10 x pink tees: 60mm
    • 10x silver tees: 70mm
  • £9.99
    • Waterproof protection for your clubs and golf bag
    • It is designed to replace your existing bag hood and give protection to your golf bag.
    • Supplied with a full-length heavy-duty zip and easy access to your golf bag pockets and clubs.
    • 118cm (46.46inches) Height
    • 64cm (25.20 inches) width at its widest point

    Universal fitting.

    118cm tall

    64cm width at its widest point

  • £11.99
    • Cotton golf towel
    • Carabiner bag clip
    • Size: Length=53.3cm (21”), Width=15.2cm (6”)
  • £12.99
    • Prevents “Flying Elbow” for wedges and short irons
    • Grooves a proper swing path for both left and right handed golfers
    • Improves accuracy and distance
    • FREE PGA TOUR Training DVD Included