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  • mirror trainer pro putting gates
    £89.99 £84.99

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  • £199.99


    • Phigolf WGT Edition is an entertaining Golf game where you control the gameplay with your real Golf swing. Made up of a state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick allowing you to play a round of golf at home or in the office, Phigolf is portable and easy-to-set up wherever you are with the gameplay taking place on 2 amazing apps.
    • Download the popular WGT Golf app to your smartphone or tablet and play on breath-taking photorealistic simulations of world famous golf courses including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Pinehurst and Celtic Manor. Good to know: On the WGT Golf app you will have automatic access to the Wolf Creek course and a two dollar per month subscription is required for access to the full 19 courses plus 5 best-of short courses.
    • Download and play on the bonus Phigolf app which has 7 different game modes including stroke play, nearest-to-the-hole and longest drive For hours of fun with friends and family. Good to know: you will have automatic full access to all games and play modes on the Phigolf app.
    • Easy-to-use and set-up with quick-start video instructions available on YouTube. This is the perfect introduction to Golf and a fun way to enjoy the game wherever you are.
    • Enjoy the breath-taking graphics of wgt on a bigger screen by following Your smartphone Instructions for screen Mirroring to a smart TV (devices vary, please refer to your own Device settings for screen Mirroring capabilities).
    • UK based customer support via e-mail or phone with knowledge desk to help with any query or product Feature to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.


  • £7.99
    • 60 x red tees: 31mm
    • 60 x blue tees: 37mm
    • 50 x yellow tees: 43mm
    • 10 x white tees: 50mm
    • 10 x pink tees: 60mm
    • 10x silver tees: 70mm
  • £9.99
    • Waterproof protection for your clubs and golf bag
    • It is designed to replace your existing bag hood and give protection to your golf bag.
    • Supplied with a full-length heavy-duty zip and easy access to your golf bag pockets and clubs.
    • 118cm (46.46inches) Height
    • 64cm (25.20 inches) width at its widest point

    Universal fitting.

    118cm tall

    64cm width at its widest point

  • £9.99
    • Target Tape
    • One Size
  • £19.99
    • A set of 4 PGA TOUR alignment gates numbered 0 to 3.
    • Gates measure 50mm, 55mm, 62mm, 75mm width.
    • Easy to press into the ground with defined arches.
    • Made from stainless steel which means you can leave them outside.
    • Easy and simple gates that give you feedback on your ability to deliver a clean putt.