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  • PuttOut Mat Green

    Pre-order PuttOUT Putting Mat – Green – IN STOCK – Shipping from 22nd June

  • £19.99

    The most talked about golf training aid of 2019!

    “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” 

    Simple and effective – The only tool you need to practice pressure putting and build your confidence on the green.

  • PuttOUT Studio Bundle

    Pre-order PuttOUT Putting Mat – Green – Shipping Mid-April


    Choose from the drop-down options the products you need to complete your PuttOUT Home Putting Studio.


    The latest addition to help you improve your game is the PuttOUT Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate. Matched with a Pressure Putt Trainer and the Pro Putting Mat the three putts that have been so heartbreaking in the past with be a distant memory never to ruin your round again.


    Build your own home putting studio for less than £135

  • £49.99

    Complete your PuttOUT home putting studio with the latest PuttOUT product release. The PuttOUT Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate is designed to work with the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer and the PuttOUT Pro Putting Mat, however you can also use it on its own.

  • £4.99

    – Reduces the friciton of the tee, helping the ball travel more distance.
    – Strong & Durable.
    – Includes one adjustable height tee (Lock n Drive).
    – Save £ Buy In High Qtys.
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  • £199.99
    • Phigolf WGT Edition is an entertaining Golf game where you control the gameplay with your real Golf swing. Made up of a state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick allowing you to play a round of golf at home or in the office, Phigolf is portable and easy-to-set up wherever you are with the gameplay taking place on 2 amazing apps.
    • Download the popular WGT Golf app to your smartphone or tablet and play on breath-taking photorealistic simulations of world famous golf courses including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Pinehurst and Celtic Manor. Good to know: On the WGT Golf app you will have automatic access to the Wolf Creek course and a two dollar per month subscription is required for access to the full 19 courses plus 5 best-of short courses.
    • Download and play on the bonus Phigolf app which has 7 different game modes including stroke play, nearest-to-the-hole and longest drive For hours of fun with friends and family. Good to know: you will have automatic full access to all games and play modes on the Phigolf app.
    • Easy-to-use and set-up with quick-start video instructions available on YouTube. This is the perfect introduction to Golf and a fun way to enjoy the game wherever you are.
    • Enjoy the breath-taking graphics of wgt on a bigger screen by following Your smartphone Instructions for screen Mirroring to a smart TV (devices vary, please refer to your own Device settings for screen Mirroring capabilities).
    • UK based customer support via e-mail or phone with knowledge desk to help with any query or product Feature to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.