ZEPP golf records your swing & provides insight into how to improve. The data is instantly displayed onto your smart phone / tablet to review via 3D avatar & statistics, such as club head speed, tempo, club plane, hand path, backswing & more. Input all your clubs to increase accuracy further, (every club manufactured in the last 5 years can be selected).

ZEPP Golf - 3D Swing Sensor

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  • £129.00

    • Winner of 2017 Golf Digest Award
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Swing Tracking System
    • Analyse & Improve Your Swing
    • Auto Video Analysis
  • £99.99

    The Zepp Play football analyser provides extensive data of your performance such as total kicks, sprints, distance, max speed, kick speed and active time – simply place it in the calf sleeve of your dominant leg. The device is incredibly user-friendly, and precisely captures full game report for future reference and personal best score review. Additionally, it allows for setting up multiple teams and players, thus it can be used for tracking win-rate ration and multiple information. The analyser is shipped with two calf sleeves, and a USB charger, plus it’s compatible with ZEPP Play Soccer app.

  • £99.99
    • With Zepp, Even a casual rally can deliver profound insights, showing you how to turbocharge your ground strokes and explode your serve
    • Zepp powerful video capturing and processing helps you capture your Highlights on the court, and create professional looking clips and reels with the press of a button
    • This is a Community for Zepp Tennis players only. Check-in at courts, meet new friends, keep track of their progress and match results, and share your favourite moments
    • Zepp will use your recorded match results and rank you on the leader board. Challenge opponents and see who is the best among your friends