Laser Range Finder

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  • £249.00
    • Packed full of fantastic features, giving you the distances and information you need to help improve your game. 
    • Easy to use , just point and click!  No software or maintenance needed. 
    • Use it straight out of the box! 
    • Specialised TOUR level ‘Slope Compensation Technology’ delivers compensated distance on the incline or decline of the hole. 
  • £299.99

    Improve your score with the all-new On Par rangefinder, featuring the latest in laser technology to give you accurate distances at the touch of a button. More accuracy = Less strokes.

    Simple to use: turn on, point towards the target, feel the PinLock vibrating pulse and see the distance on the display. Now you can hit with confidence, using the right club for your game.


    It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking at an incline or decline thanks to the specialised ‘Slope Compensation Technology’, the On Par range finder compensates for changes in terrain to give you the ‘real’ distance to play the ball.

    Use this range finder to save on average 5-8 shots every round.