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TaylorMade golf balls are renowned for balancing distance, speed and control, ideal for golfers of all abilities. But if you want this classic brand of golf ball without the price tag, MailOrderGolf is here to rescue your wallet.

Find quality TaylorMade lake balls in a range of models and grades, from the TaylorMade Penta tour ball to high-speed Burner Mix golf balls. With free delivery and returns* in the UK and same day shipping before 2pm, go further on the green for less with our affordable lake balls.


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  • £10.99£80.49

    The Taylormade Burner mixed golf ball is built for speed and distance with a fast core that explodes off the club head. The Burner Mix ball is soft, resilient and durable.

  • £19.99£114.99

    The Taylormade LETHAL golf ball is the next generation improving upon the technology applied to the TP3 & TP5

  • £11.99£60.99

    The Taylormade Penta TP is the first five layer tour golf ball. Every layer has its own unique properties to enable optimum performance.

  • £11.99£109.99

    The Taylormade Penta TP3 golf balls features a high COR for improved speed and a low compression to slow driver spin, as a result creates exceptional distance.

  • £13.99£69.99

    The Taylormade Rocketballz 2012 is a 3-piece golf ball which features a REACT core giving further distance with drives & precise spin needed around the greens for amazing stopping power.

  • £18.99£110.99

    5 Layered revolutionary golf ball providing outstanding distance & perfect contro from mid range Irons. Fantastic for approach spin control thanks to its soft feel. Toru preferred is an all round ball

    • REACT™ CoreSpin Mantle™ Technology
    • New Soft Tech™ Cover
    • Seemless LDP® 322 Dimple Pattern
  • £38.99£140.99

    The Taylormade Tour Preferred / Tour Preferred x TP has been developed with input & feedback from over 100 Tour golf pros. Taylormades finest.

  • £13.00£66.00

    The Taylormade TP Black features a cast thermoset urethane cover which gives consistent spin and amazing resistance.

  • £11.49£93.99

    The Taylormade TP Red uses a low drag 360 dimple design for improved distance and overall performance. The Taylormade TP Red is for higher-spin players who still want tour performance and a generally faster ball speed.