GPS Shot Tracking

Game Golf tracks your entire round of golf. It displays every shot, distance hit with each club & overlays the round on a Birdseye map of the course you played on. Game Golf allows the golfer to monitor, review & compare their entire round of golf seamlessly against other golfers around the world (especially the pros). Re-live rounds through dynamic interfaces with stats, trends & information you can actually use to instantly improve your game. It will quickly show you which clubs you use & how effect they really are for you! The wearable device then allows you to upload your round and compete with other golfers that have been on that same course! You can also comment on other golfers rounds on courses across the world! Its really added a whole new dimension to golf through interaction with the ever increasing Game Golf community for advice or bragging rights, and share your progress with friends. Now with the 2nd generation Game Golf LIVE you can get all this information instantly on your iPhone or Android device.