Trade In Golf Balls

Get money for your old balls and save up to a third on lake balls with our part exchange service. Whether you want a discount on new golf balls or you’d like to maximise revenue by selling your used ones, MailOrderGolf offers a fuss-free solution for everyone with all quantity of golf balls!

Our 4-step service makes it quick and easy for you to trade in your golf balls:

Sell Your Lake Balls


Count how many used balls you’d like to part exchange.

Sell Your Lake Balls


Contact us for a quote to find out the discount or amount in cash you’ll receive.

Sell Your Lake Balls


We’ll send you free packaging & collect your old balls at a time convenient for you.

Trade In Your Lake Balls


Receive up to a third off your order, or a cash equivalent via cheque/bank transfer, for a quick and easy way to save money on golf supplies.