Why You Should Choose Pro V1 Golf Balls for Your Next Game

 Why You Should Choose Pro V1 Lakeballs for Your Next Game


 Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are the tour-proven choice for golfers seeking long distance, consistent ball flight, and can help to improve performance for pros and enthusiasts.


Titleist Pro V1 golf balls are the professional choice and there are many reasons why you should choose them too. If you are looking to improve you sporting performance and you want to see a vast improvement in your golf scores, choose Pro V1 golf balls, designed with excellence by Titleist.


Pro V1 golf balls are engineered for long distance, consistent ball flight, outstanding scoring performance, and also promises Drop-And-Stop™ Greenside Control technology, giving golfers a more accurate play. With a soft feel on all shots, these tour proven golf balls are ideal for anyone who is serious about golf.


The Benefits of Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls 


Upgrade to Titleist’s finest ball choice and you will notice an incredible difference. Tried and tested for tournaments, these are the most durable of all Titleist golf balls. Benefits of Pro V1 golf balls are:


  • Long Distance and Consistent Ball Flight
  • Soft Feel on All Shots
  • Outstanding Scoring Performance
  • Drop-And-Stop™ Greenside Control


A Seamless Three Piece Multi Layer Construction


Pro V1 golf balls have been designed for the serious golfer, and are, most definitely a favourite amongst pros and competitive sportsmen. Using a three layer technology that works from the core to the casing, all the way to the A.I.M (Alignment Integrated Marking), this first class ball delivers in a way like no other. The highly innovative layering includes a larger and faster polybutadiene 1.530” core, a high speed and low spin ionomer blend casing, and a thin Urethane Elastomer cover for exceptional feel.


Titleist Pro V1 golf balls have a Drop-and-Stop™ short game control into and around the green, and the A.I.M allows for better directional accuracy. This elite ball is now the leading ball for golfing tournaments worldwide and they are extremely durable to use.


If you are looking to improve your golfing performance, or you are training to go pro, Pro V1 golf balls are a must. They are the tour-proven balls of choice for professionals and competitive players. If you want to maximise your game, you should play, train and compete with Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.


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