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Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

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Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

First Released in 2003 and then upgraded nearly every two years after that, the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball was like no other. It maintained a soft feel around the green while also giving the same distance we all expect to see.

The cover of the ball is a urethane elastomer cover creating a soft yet durable surface. There is 348 tetrahedral dimple design to help with areodynamics. The process dual core increases distance and the faster low spinning casing layer creates speed by lowering the spin in your long game.

Over the years the Titleist Pro V1x and its sister Pro V1 have held the top spot for the last 20 years since it was introduced. The technology in the golf ball has greatly since 2003 golf ball but was is more important is the differences between the Pro V1x and the Pro V1.

Titleist Pro V1x vs Pro V1

  • The Pro V1x is a 4 piece golf ball where as the Pro V1 is a 3 piece golf ball
  • The Pro V1x will launch higher than the Pro V1 due to the Pro V1x offering more spin in the long game.
  • The Pro V1x will also feel a litter firmer than the Pro V1 

Titleist Pro V1x through the Years

Titleist Pro V1x 2003

Titleist Pro V1 2005

Titleist Pro V1x 2005

Titleist Pro V1x 2007

Titleist Pro V1x 2009

Titleist Pro V1x 2011

Titleist Pro V1x 2013

Titleist Pro V1x 2015

Titleist Pro V1x 2015

Titleist Pro V1x 2017

Titleist Pro V1x 2017

Titleist Pro V1x 2019

Titleist Pro V1x 2019

Titleist Pro V1x 2021

Titleist Pro V1x Features

  • Offers great distance for a performance golf ball
  • Soft feel with superb greenside control
  • Offers tour-level performance.
  • Higher ball flight compared to the Pro V1x

Titleist Pro V1x Pricing

  • New 2019 Titleist Pro V1x £37 per dozen
  • New 2021 Titleist Pro V1x per dozen
  • MailOrderGolf “A Grade” £29 per dozen
  • MailOrderGolf “Very Good” £20 per dozen
  • £30 saving when buying from MailOrderGolf
  • Prices as of 16th June 2021

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