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Eco-Friendly Lake Balls

Eco-Friendly Lake Balls

Eco-Friendly Lake Balls

Recycled Golf Balls

Millions of golf balls are lost every year in the UK, with it likely to be billions worldwide. Each ball can contain the equivalent of three plastic water bottles or seven plastic shopping bags. These golf balls can enter the ecosystem releasing microplastics and toxic chemicals into the food chain.

When buying recycled golf balls from MailOrderGolf you are helping to combat this huge environmental problem. Firstly, by not buying new balls you are reducing the use of valuable fossil fuels. Secondly, you are supporting an industry that clears lost or abandoned balls from the environment, thus protecting natural habitats.

MailOrderGolf has been selling lake balls since 1999, which is mainly sourced from lakes or found out on the golf course. We will wash, sort, and graded all our golf balls so can be used again. We even sell refurbished golf balls once the grading has run its course.

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