Golf Ball Grading Guide

Golf Ball Grading Guide Mint

Golf Ball Grading Guide

MailOrderGolf handles millions of lake balls every year. Based on our experience of handling 100,000 -120,000 balls a week all these packs will reflect the grade you choose. Take a closer look at our golf ball grading guide below.

From over 25 years knowledge of the golf ball industry & feedback from our thousands of customers we sell lake golf balls online in 5 grades Mint, Grade A, Very Good, Practice, & Refinished. Watch our grading video or checkout the grading guide below the video. Happy Golfing from all the Mail Order Golf team!

Golf Ball Grading Guide Mint


Our Mint quality golf balls are the very best available on the market. The Mint balls have both the appearance and feel of a brand new ball. (Please note some balls may carry a company logo and/or ink mark). These balls could have only been used once! In short, they should be in very close to perfect condition. There are no Refinished, X-Out, or Practice balls in this grade of ball.

Golf Ball Grading Guide Grade A

A Grade

Our A grade golf balls are in lightly used condition and represent excellent value for money. Grade A balls may have minor surface marks, discolouration and ink marks. They will have no cuts or creases. Some balls may carry logos. There are no Refinished, X-Out or Practice balls in this grade of ball.

Golf Ball Grading Guide Very Good

Very Good

Our Very Good quality, they will have ink marks and scuff(s) and also some will be a fraction off white. May include the odd ball with PRACTICE stamped on, these balls are great for social games/summer nights, save your best balls for competition golf.

Golf Ball Grading Guide Practice


Our Practice grade quality balls are still in very good playable condition but may have scuffs and more noticeable discolouration. Unlike some other companies practice grade balls, ours will contain no cuts or creases. This grade represents exceptional value for money.

Golf Ball Grading Guide Refinished


Our Refinished golf balls have been resurfaced and made back into high-quality golf balls at a fraction of the original cost.

If have any questions about our lake balls, please feel free to get in touch. Simply email or click here to fill out our customer service form.